What’s Yours is Yours, and What’s Mine is (Apparently) NOT Mine

by Fern on June 22, 2011

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Did you have a chance to read my recent post on growing tomatoes? Did you like the black pot with pink fleur-de-lis? How about my neat purple cage to match my purple heirloom variety tomato? I sure liked all three quite a lot. But that didn’t stop someone from stealing them. Not to mention my patio tomato and three unusual marigold plants. Bastards. I hope they’re bitten by snakes in the eighth circle of hell.

This isn’t the first plant of mine to be stolen, so maybe I should have been prepared for these plants to be stolen too. Last year, someone stole this succulent planter that was near my front door. Of course, they waited until the echeveria was in full bloom and the aeonium’s color was just stunnin. I learned my lesson about my front patio area. Only pots that look too big and heavy to carry off are out there now. But I thought that my garage area was safer. I guess not.

And the flag in this pot was stolen shortly before Independence Day. Love the irony in that. “We want to celebrate our patriotism by stealing from a fellow American.”

Have any of your plants ever been stolen? Come commiserate with me. :-(

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