What do Worms like to Eat?

by Fern on April 11, 2012

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In case you haven’t heard, I am now a vermicomposter (how could you have missed it, every other word out of my mouth is pretty much about worms! ;-)). I have been feeding them some of my kitchen scraps and it is interesting to see what they like eating and what they don’t. And trust me, there is definitely a preference. Onion peels don’t seem to be very popular. Here is a list of what worms do seem to like eating:

  • Coffee grounds, including coffee filters
  • Tea bags
  • Most fruits and vegetables (though potato skins, onions, garlic, ginger and banana peels seem to take a long time to get eaten)
  • Pasta
  • Grains like oatmeal (with no milk)
  • Shredded paper
  • Shredded cardboard
  • Dead flowers
  • Egg shells (I wash mine and then crush them into small pieces before feeding them to my worms)

Do not feed your worms these things:

  • Meat, poultry, fish, dairy
  • Potato chips, candy, and oily foods
  • Any part of a citrus fruit
  • Plastic
  • Rubber bands
  • Sponges
  • Aluminum foil
  • Glass
  • Dog or cat feces

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I received the Worm Factory 360 for free from the manufacturer. Here is more information about my review policy.

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