The Decision

by Fern on October 30, 2008

in Fall Gardening,Fruits & Vegetables

I apologize for the ominous title, but cutting off some of my tomato plant’s flowers was a difficult decision for me to make. You see, I grew this tomato plant from seed. I fertilized it every week, watered it regularly, I bought it a special, really tall pot so it could send it’s roots deep into the soil. I picked off caterpillars and directed lady bugs to eat smaller pests.

I really pampered this tomato plant, and my effort was rewarded with three stems of flowers, with 7-14 flowers each. I was going to have around 30+ tomatoes!

So why in the world would I cut off the flowers? Well, even Southern California’s beautiful weather has its limits. It is cooling down here and I was afraid my beloved tomato plant wouldn’t have enough energy to finish growing all the tomatoes. So I sacrificed a few of the flowers that haven’t yet started to set fruit, so that the plant could concentrate its effort on growing the tomatoes that are already started.

What would I have done with 30+ tomatoes in November anyway?!

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