Share Your Wildlife-Supporting Ideas in the May Container Carnival!

by Fern on May 3, 2010

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It’s time for the May blog carnival! Yesterday I read an article about the continued decline of the honeybee worldwide. It seems clear that we don’t know what is causing the disappearance of whole hives, and certainly don’t know how to prevent them. There isn’t much you or I can do, except provide the best habitat for wildlife possible on whatever tiny slice of the planet we call our own. With that introduction, you will probably be able to guess the topic of this month’s carnival…

In case you missed the first four LOTB carnivals, and you’re not sure what a blog carnival is, it’s when one blogger requests that other bloggers publish posts on a certain topic and then the carnival host(ess) publishes links to everyone’s submissions. It’s a great way for LOTB readers to find lots of great ideas, and for other bloggers to reach out to a new audience. If you’re still not sure what I am talking about, check out the February LOTB carnival.

For the May Carnival, I’m seeking posts about how container gardeners can create certified wildlife habitats. You can write about about any aspect of a wildlife garden so long as it involves something container gardeners can do within the guidelines of the National Wildlife Foundation. Please click on that link to check out the various things NWF requires for a certified wildlife habitat. You can write about gourd birdhouses, flowers that bees love, how to create a mini pond in a container, or anything else that would fit into one of the NWF’s categories. If you need help or have a question, don’t hestitate to email me.

To submit a post, use this form: Container Gardening Blog Carnival Page. You can find it by going to Contact > Blog Carnival at the top of the page too. You need to publish your post on your blog and submit it through the blog carnival submission page by May 15th. I’ll be publishing the carnival on the 17th.

You are free to use the image at the top of this post or this badge if you participate, but you must download them and host them yourself (i.e. right click and chose “save image” and then upload it to your website, or to a hosting service, like PhotoBucket or Flickr).

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