Shameless Succulent Stimulation

by Fern on March 28, 2012

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Since I’ve been talking about succulents a lot lately–Got a bunch of sempervivums all at once, gotta figure out projects for all those bad boys!–I thought I would keep up with the theme and share some photos from my recent trip to the Bay Area. One of my favorite things I did while up there was sneak in (they were all at the San Francisco Garden Show, so I got permission from the owner to let myself in) to Succulent Gardens nursery in Castroville and take photos of all of their fabulous plants!

I’m not sure if Aeonium decorum ‘Pinwheels’ always looks like this, or it is about to flower, but either way, I totally love the little pagoda.

Aeonium ‘Thunder Cloud’ is a very classy, elegant succulent.

I am pretty sure this is Aloe plicatilis (Fan Aloe), but there wasn’t a tag in the pot (it’s obviously a display plant and not for sale)

This is one of my favorite new (to me) plants: Senecio crassissimus ‘Lavender Steps.’ Supposedly it has yellow flowers in winter which I think must be such a nice compliment to the plum margins of the leaves (mine hasn’t flowered yet, so I’ll have to report back as to whether it is as nice as I imagine).

Can you spot the Lithops (Living Stones)?

Good thing there wasn’t any sales staff in the nursery when I was there, or I probably would have bought this Dudley britonii. How in the world I would have gotten it on a plane and safely home? But the frosty lemon flowers are such a beautiful compliment to the punch bowl sized plant. The leaves are so white-silver that if I had take a closeup you would have thought I had taken a black and white photograph.

I originally thought this was Sedum x adolphii (Golden Sedum), but now I’m not sure. Either way, it looks amazing against the teal blue mushroom.

p.s. I wonder what it says about me that my favorite thing to do is spend hours alone taking photos of plants? Please don’t say “anti-social!” 😉

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