Sempervivum Sweet Sixteen

by Fern on March 22, 2012

in Succulents and Cacti

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In honor of the NCAA’s Sweet Sixteen which begins today, I thought we container gardeners could have a sweet sixteen competition of our own. A SEMPERVIVUM Sweet Sixteen. We’re going to have brackets just like the NCAA tournament, except our brackets will pit different varieties of Sempervivum against one another. You all will vote for plants at each round, with the winners advancing to the elite eight, final four, and ultimately, the 2012 championship.

Everyone knows Sempervivums, right? They’re the hardy succulent that almost anyone can grow, even if you live some where with real winters. Sempervivums are hardy to zone 4. Commonly they’re called “Hens and Chicks” because a single plant will soon surround itself with lots of little baby plants.

So what do you say? Game on?! Be sure to vote in all 8 match ups…


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