Resolve to Keep Better Gardening Records This Year

by Fern on January 2, 2009

in Winter Gardening

There is a very simple, very free way to keep track of what you planted, when you planted it, how good the harvest was, how pretty the flowers were, etc. And it boggles my mind that more gardeners don’t use this tool.

I am talking about a website called My Folia. If you’ve ever thought “I wish I could remember which one of these 100 varieties of tomato seeds did really well last season” or “how long did it take my Zinnias to sprout from seed last season?” or “was it the seaweed extract or the worm castings that really made my bell pepper crop so huge?” then My Folia is for you. It is a super easy tool to use, and it only takes a few seconds to record all the details of your garden that you want to remember for later. My Folia integrates wonderfully with Picasa and Flickr so you can easily connect your photos with My Folia to keep a visual record as well.

Not only can you use it to record your own gardening experience, you can use My Folia to find other people growing the same things and learn from them as well. Or, if you’re a social butterfly, you can use My Folia to find gardening buddies who like growing the same things as you, who have a similar type of growing space (balcony, windowsill, 10 acre backyard, etc), or who garden in the same area of the world as you do. There is also a wonderful forum section to ask questions and discuss all things gardening.

If you have resolved to do a better job journaling about your garden this year, then definitely give My Folia a test drive. If you do sign up, add me as your buddy.

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