My Plans For My New Balcony

by Fern on December 30, 2009

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I have gotten 99% of my plants over to the new place. Unfortunately most of them are hiding out in the garage, which isn’t exactly a great place for a living thing that needs light to survive. The problem is, my plants are in really large heavy pots, and until last night, I hadn’t even worked out where to place them on my balcony. I allowed myself to procrastinate on lugging them up the stairs until I had a plan.

123009_Balcony Plan

The balcony is 13×4.5 feet and faces West. It gets almost no morning sun but a full dose of afternoon sun. The numbered circles are my larger pots, although I just noticed that I left off the P. Allen Smith pot. Eventually I’d also like to have two chairs and a table out there so that my husband can “smoke cigars and chill.” His words, not mine.

  1. Blood Orange tree
  2. Irises (I think that pot has ‘Best Bet’)
  3. Strawberry/Artemisia/Sweet Potato Vine
  4. Peach tree
  5. Apple tree

After I get the larger pots in place, I’ll eyeball where to put the smaller ones. Now I’ve got to get downstairs and start lugging those pots. No more excuses!

p.s. If I am able to get the pots up to the balcony, I’ll post photos in the LOTB Flickr group.

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