Let’s Grow a Whole Balcony Orchard from Seed!

by Fern on January 11, 2011

in Fruits & Vegetables

Or not. Definitely not. Find out why growing fruit trees from seed isn’t a very good idea in my latest post over on the Fiskars website.

It seems like a great idea. You buy an incredibly delectable apple, peach, or bag of cherries and think you yourself, “I’d love to eat fruit like this all the time!” You look down at your plate and you see the left over pit or seeds and decide to save them and grow your own fruit tree.

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but don’t do it! You’ll almost certainly be disappointed with the results.

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p.s. You should totally grow fruit trees though, here’s how to grow apples in a container; or even berries, like currants. Just buy your plants at the nursery and save yourself the heartache.

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