Ladybugs! Everywhere, There’s Ladybugs…

by Fern on November 16, 2009

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If you’ve ever needed proof that releasing ladybugs at night greatly improves the odds that they’ll stick around, here it is.

I bought these ladybugs last Thursday and released them at night. I would have been happy if half of them were still there 24 hours later.


The cool weather we’ve had during the day greatly increased the number that have stayed on my patio.


Every plant on my patio is covered in ladybugs. And there are only a few aphids left, but I saw the pack of ladybugs busily working on the last of them, so I’m pretty sure they’re all gone now.


If you’d like to use ladybugs as an organic way to control aphids, first, try to attract native varieties. You can do this by growing plants that ladybugs like.


If that doesn’t work, you can buy a small cup of ladybugs at the nursery. Put the ladybug cup in the fridge until nightfall. After dusk, sprinkle the ladybugs around your garden. Voila! aphid problem solved.

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