Greenhouses For The Balcony or Patio

by Fern on August 5, 2008

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My stat tracker shows that a surprising number of people have found this blog while looking for a greenhouse for their balcony or patio. Previously I had linked to a tiny greenhouse created by Daniel Schipper. Apparently there is a real market for that sort of thing.

All the interest in balcony-sized greenhouses piqued my own curiosity. What exactly can you get that will fit on the average sized balcony?

If you have quite a few bills burning a hole in your pocket (nearly nine Benjamins), this model from Yardiac looks really nice. It has four shelves, a top vent and is 4 feet wide by 3 feet deep and is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

If you’re really handy, you could probably make something similar for half the price (at least).

Target also has two option that are quite a bit cheaper than the Yardiac version (and to be fair, they aren’t nearly as nice). There is the Misco 4 Shelf Greenhouse on the left, and the Early Start Tabletop Greenhouse on the right.

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