Great Drought Tolerant Plants for Container Gardens

by Fern on April 6, 2009

in Low Water Containers

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Many of us live in an area that faces constant water restrictions or droughts. And even if you’re not living in such an area, it’s still a good idea to consider drought tolerant plants. For starters, water is a precious natural resource, just like anything else. Just because you live in an area without droughts doesn’t mean you should waste water. And second, drought tolerant plants mean that keeping up with your watering responsibilities is less of a hassle. It’s not often that doing right by the planet is actually easier on us humans, so jump on such opportunities when you come across them!

Pictured above, from top left to bottom right: Lavender, Yarrow, Anise Hyssop (try ‘Apricot Sprite’), Evening Primrose, Russian Sage, Lambs Ear, Gaillardia, Coneflower, and Sedum (check out ‘Frosty Morn’ for refreshing variegated foliage).

It should be noted that “drought tolerant” doesn’t mean “never water.” This is especially true with container grown plants, because it’s not like any of these plants can keep on sending their roots deeper and deeper in search of water. However, these are all definitely plants that will tolerate completely drying out in between waterings. And if you’re getting a consistent amount of rain during a certain time of year, you certainly wouldn’t need to water then.

The nice thing about drought tolerant plants is that they also tolerate a fair amount of extreme heat. So, these would also be great plants to consider if you live in say, the San Fernando Valley or Las Vegas or Tucson or Dallas.

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