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by Fern on October 12, 2009

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At last count, 211 people participated in the Generation X & Y Gardener Survey. Thank you so much! After thinking about it, I should have expanded the survey to include Baby Boomers so that we could compare the similarities and differences between the three generations. With that in mind, I’ve created a new survey with the exact same questions, but this time, it’s for gardeners born between 1946 and 1964. I also wish I had asked more substantive questions about what it is that Gen X & Y like growing, how they describe their garden “style,” etc. I guess those are all questions for future surveys.

A couple of things should be pointed out. First, this obviously was not a scientific survey. It was self-selecting, and the only way the survey was promoted was through the internet. The respondents are all people who spend time on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Garden Web, and of course, Life on the Balcony. Second, because the survey was created by me and promoted by me through the various social networks I’m involved with, I suspect that a disproportionate number of container gardeners responded. I’m not sure about that though, it’s just a guess.

All those disclaimers aside, I don’t think the survey results can be completely ignored. It is still interesting to see what internet savvy folks who follow gardeners on Twitter, like reading the forums over at Garden Web, or who read this blog think about gardening and how they behave.

A brief overview:

  • 36.5% of the respondents are Gen X (1965-1974), and 64.5% are Gen Y (1975-1990), though this breakdown is difficult to make as commentators are all over the map when it comes to defining the age range of the two generations. The numbers would switch dramatically, if the line was placed at 1980.
  • 58.77% of respondents had a yard, 30.33% were container gardeners of some sort, and .94% were exclusively guerrilla gardeners. The remaining 9.96% seemed to do a combination of the three types of gardening listed above.
  • 50.71% buy some or all of their seeds, bulbs and/or plants online.
  • 17.1% don’t feel any need to interact with gardeners, online or in the “real world.”
  • 81% were not involved in any offline gardening group, and the prevailing reasons were lack of time and the feeling that the groups didn’t want the respondent as a member (because the group met during work hours, charged a lot of money for membership, discussed topics that weren’t of interest to them, or because the respondent felt group members had treated them rudely).
  • 46.9% spend between $100-$500 a year gardening.

To download the survey results, click on the appropriate link. The only changes I’ve mades were to fix answers where–how do I put this nicely?–people didn’t follow directions. For example, when the survey asked about what type of garden the responder had, some people would type in to the “Other” field one of the responses that was specifically listed. I switched their response from “Other” to the appropriate answer.

I’ll be publishing my thoughts on the survey results later this afternoon, after y’all have had a chance to look at the data too (if you’re so inclined).

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