Garden Adventures with Gail, Part 2

by Guest Post on September 8, 2011

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Gail is back with a new update from her balcony garden! You may remember from Gail’s first guest post that she’s from Calgary, AB Canada. Gail is was new to gardening back then, but she’s got another year of experience under her belt now. I think you guys will really identify with the success and challenges she’s had this year. If you’d like to chat with Gail, you can find her at twitter.com/missferran.

Well, it’s another summer of container gardening. The season isn’t over and I have high hopes for my plants. So far, it’s what I consider a victory. I got a handful of peas this year! That in itself seems like a miracle.

So, instead of no sunlight, the challenge this time around is that the plants are surviving (even the two hailstorms we’ve had so far), but not really producing. Gone are the withered and wretchedly growing impaired plants and in with the lush green plants with no fruit or veggies.

First, I should say that my potatoes seem to be a smashing success. The ones in the grow bag have beautiful, lush vegetation and lovely white flowers. The ones in the pot have the same green vegetation but pretty purple flowers. Aaah, variety! I am looking forward to harvesting them. Having said that, I have to get a move on and figure out when I can harvest. Further investigation is definitely needed.

There was a lot of excitement for me one night last week when I discovered little green tomatoes growing on one of the tomato plants I started from seed. I have a tomato plant that I bought that had tomatoes already growing, which is awesome in itself, but I find that to have something grow from seed to grow on its own is more of a reward. I can’t tell you how accomplished I feel about it. I’m hoping that they will mature so that I can have them for dinner and can proudly boast about it *grin*

I also noticed a lone pansy growing with my plants. I didn’t plant it, but it’s a welcome addition. Lately I’ve notice three or four pop up so I have a cheerful little group of flowers to greet me in the morning. I’m going to have to purposely plant some next time. They are lovely little things.

My major frustration is my peppers. Not one plant has grown higher than a seedling and they’ve definitely not born fruit. They refuse to mature and sit in their container as if in stasis. Not growing, not dying, merely existing in their tiny world, unencumbered by a desire to grow.

The one thing I am SUPER excited about is my ground cherry plants. I have two of them that started out like the peppers, silent monuments mocking my efforts to make them grow. And then there was a good rain and they sprung forth from their pots like little green beacons now mocking the peppers. They haven’t born fruit yet but I am confident they will. Ok, more hopeful than confident, but I digress.

I also have herbs growing both in the house and out. The garlic chives are wonderful and I have parsley, sage, rosemary, and garlic (thought I was going to break out into a Simon and Garfunkel song, didn’t you?). There are a few more herbs growing happily as well.

I also have a container that I like to call “Mon Homage au Gazon.” Or, if you like, “My Homage to the Lawn.” Or, if you prefer,” A Container of Weeds.” You’re probably asking yourself why I keep it. Well, I think some of them are actually flowers that haven’t grown yet. But I know for sure that some of them are most definitely weeds. I don’t know what weeds (although I know a dandelion was growing there at one time), but weeds none the less.

I must post a requiem for my poor, poor zucchini plant as it drowned in the last storm we had the other day. It had beautiful flowers. But, of course, it bore nothing before its untimely demise. I wasn’t brave enough to champion it from the sudden onslaught of the hail storm we had a couple of days ago. I believe it was the waves upon waves of water that fell from the sky, rather than the maelstrom of hail, which heralded its demise. On the other hand, I haven’t had to water my plants too much in the last couple of days.

The rest of my plants seem to be living fairly well and there’s still another month for things to grow. I’m starting to consider what I can grow in the living room in the winter as well. My goodness…so much potential!

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