Fleur Chat

Fleur chat is a topic-based discussion that gets started every other Thursday at 6pm PST on Twitter (#FleurChat) and Facebook (Fleur Chat group). There is always a theme (such a wildlife-friendly flowers, aromatic flowers, edible flowers, etc) and usually an expert cohost. You can enjoy just reading the conversation, or jump right in and share your knowledge and ask questions. The discussion continues throughout the week until a new topic is started the following Thursday.

Twitter Tips

It is easiest to use our TweetChat room so that you will automatically see all the Fleur Chat posts. Simply click the “sign in” button in the upper right hand corner and log in with your Twitter credentials. When participating in the TweetChat room, it will also automatically add the #fleurchat tag onto your comments so that everyone else will be sure to see them. You can control the speed of the conversation by clicking on the “pause” or “refresh speed” buttons.

Also, be sure to follow @FleurChat so that we can continue the great discussion all week!

Facebook Tips

If you’re happier in Facebook-land, then check out the Facebook Page any time after 6pm PST on Thursday for conversation starting questions. You’re encouraged to respond to one of the questions or post relevant links or information on the wall.

Transcripts of Past Fleur Chats

  1. August 18: Wildlife Friendly Flowers with Dave Bushnell
  2. September 1: Succulents in Bloom with Debra Lee Baldwin
  3. October 6: Daffodils with Charlotte Germane
  4. October 13: Gardening in the Mid-Atlantic Region with Kathy Jentz