Container Inspiration from Roger’s Gardens in Corona del Mar

by Fern on March 19, 2009

in Inspiration

I have been a very naughty blogger of late. I know. I’ve got my hands in so many cookie jars, I’ve just been overwhelmed. So I took an hour and half out of my day to make it right with you all…

I went to gardening mecca and I came back with pictures. :-)

For those of you who have never heard of Roger’s Gardens, it is probably one of the most gorgeous nurseries on the planent. They don’t just have rows upon rows of beautiful and unusual plants. Nope. They artfully arrange the plants to create a place that has the feel of a public garden. People take their dogs and children on walks through the place. I saw a lady enjoying a brown bag lunch on a retaining wall near the citrus trees. I was not the only person there taking photos by a long shot. It is that sort of place.

All throughout Roger’s Gardens there are container creations filled to the brim with beautiful plants. I went around and snapped photos of them for, you, my gardening buddies’ enjoyment and inspiration…

Don’t forget to send me your tip, there are only a few more hours left in the container gardening tip contest!

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