Container Gardening Grab Bag 04/09

by Fern on April 9, 2010

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Last week’s grab bag was well received, so I decided to make it an ongoing series. This week’s post includes everything from bad garden humor to succulent container garden photos to one of the hottest topics in gardening this week: window farming.

Great Blog Reading

  • Urban Window Farms – Studio G covered a hot topic this week, urbanites who are growing edible plants in hanging hydroponics pots in front of their windows.
  • GROW Project – Garden Bloggers provided a roundup of all the GROW Project posts about ‘Spitfire’ Nasturtiums.
  • Certifying Your Garden as a Wildlife Habitat – Carri challenges people to create a wildlife-friendly garden in honor of Earth Day (April 22).
  • Got Milkweed? – Carole discusses the importance of Milkweed in the Monarch Butterfly lifecycle and shares tips for how to attract the butterflies to your garden with Milkweed plants.
  • Succulent Container Garden Photos – The ladies at Far Out Flora shared photos from their recent trip to Succulent Gardens in Castroville, CA.
  • Grow Cook Eat – Katie announced a new series of weekly posts on growing edible plants. Look for my contribution on growing edibles in containers next Friday.
  • Gardening Supplies at Big Lots – Mary found some great pots and plant stands at discount prices. A good reminder to check dollar shops for gardening stuff this time of year.

Bad Gardening Joke

Why do melons have fancy weddings? Because they cantaloupe.

On Going Experiments Update

I have updates in both the seed scarification experiment, and my comparison study of the Smart Pots. With regard to the nasturtiums, one of the seeds from both the clipped group and the filed group sprouted on April 6, which was 5 days after sowing. The second clipped group seed popped up on the 7th, as did the first hot water seed. So to recap the progress thus far:

  • Clipped – 5 days/6 days
  • Filed – 5 days/7
  • Hot Water for 24 Hours – 6 days/7
  • Hot Water for 3 Hours – ?/?
  • Cold Water for 24 Hours – ?/?
  • No Scarification – ?/?

On to the Smart Pots. I planted the two lavender plants on March 20. Since then, the Smart Pot plant has grown 6 inches in diameter (increasing its size by 25%), put out out 36 new flowers, and 8 new flower buds. In comparison, the plastic pot plant has grown 3.5 inches in diameter (increasing its size by 10%) and has put out 49 flowers and 8 buds. So it seems that so far, the Smart Pot plant is increasing in size more than it is putting out flowers. I’ll continue to update you throughout the growing season. In a month or so I should have some tomato plant data to add as well.

Random Gardening Trivia

Did you know that when you plant a chard or beet seed, you’re actually sowing many seeds at once? They both produce a compound seed cluster that has many seeds inside. That is why, even though you swear you only sowing one chard seed per pot, you will get multiple plants sprouting. This is also way it doesn’t pay to put two seeds in one “hole.” If you are using fresh seeds, you will almost always get more than one plant sprouting from each cluster, and planting two seed clusters in one hole only increases the amount of plants you need to thin later (i.e. you just wasted a seed).

Something to Look Forward to

Photo by MrClean1982

Hummingbirds will be flying northwards soon, if they haven’t gotten to your area already.


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