Due to the large amount of questions I receive via email, I simply can’t answer them all. In an effort to try and answer more questions, I’m going to start responding to common questions in a blog post or newsletter article. If you email me a question, you are agreeing that I can use your question in one of those two ways (I will not share your name or location, if you ask me not to).

To get a super quick answer, check out the LOTB archives, there is a lot of great info in there. You can also try asking your question in the LOTB Community message boards. The folks hanging out there are very friendly and helpful, not to mention knowledgeable. :-)

Marketing Folks: I would love to hear about your book, product or website. If it is something I think Life on the Balcony readers would enjoy, I would be happy to post about it. However, please do not use the comments section of this blog as free advertising space.

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