Confessions of a Flower Snob

by Fern on November 24, 2008

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I’m a flower snob. There. I said it. There are several plants that I just will not plant, no matter how nice they are. I apologize in advance if one of your favorites is on my list. If I do name one of your favs below, I suggest dismissing my opinion as that of some chick without any “real” dirt who lives out there in crazy California. 😉

Plant number one on my list of banned plants are yellow day lilies. Every single garden and commercial landscape in Southern California seems to feature canary yellow day lilies. There have got to be hundreds if not thousands of types of day lilies. But Southern California seems to think that there are only yellow ones. If tomorrow, all plants were stricken from Earth except for yellow day lilies, agapanthus, new zealand flax and marathon grass the majority of the gardens in my parents neighborhood would be just fine.

Photo by David Le Masurier

Similarly, I won’t plant most varieties of marigolds because they are just too ubiquitous. Their cheery little orange, yellow and bronze flowers don’t sway me. I see them everywhere, so I can’t bring myself to plant them in my garden. Same thing with most types of impatiens. Although I admit that there is no reason or method to my madness, because I will gladly plant white sweet alysum and sweet alysum is probably one of the most common garden plants out there.

I also don’t like most kinds of geraniums. But not for any particular reason, I just happen to be the only person on the planet that just doesn’t like them. Probably because I don’t particularly care for pink or red flowers, and rarely plant white flowers, so most colors of geraniums are knocked off the list right there.

OK. I’m done ranting. It’s your turn now. What plants do you dislike?

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