Color Combinations in Container Gardens

by Fern on October 20, 2008

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Last week I wrote about Miriam’s post on the different shades of green. The point of her post was to be aware of the different color values of the leaves that will be next to each other in a pot or in adjacent pots. Green in not just “green.” There are so many different greens, and placing different greens next to one another can be visually pleasing and give your balcony a pleasant, restful appearance.

I’ve been thinking about Miriam’s post a lot. For the most part I think I did a good job combining pleasing leaf colors, although I really like variegated and non-green leaves, so I’ve stretched Miriam’s point a bit. Here are some photos of different leaf color combos that I really enjoy in my garden.

I hope you’ll share (in the comments section) your favorite combos too! if you’ve already posted photos of your balcony or patio garden on your blog or a photo sharing site, don’t be shy, give us a link!

A dark green/silvery pelargonium with magenta flowers next to a lime and magenta coleus.

Clockwise from top: Sweet Potato Vine, Wormwood, Pelargonium, Strawberry. The Sweet Potato Vine is actually in a pot behind the other plants.

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