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How to Grow Jasmine Indoors

December 16, 2009
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Can you imagine the wonderful smell of jasmine scenting your home? Not to mention how beautiful it would look!

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Grow Rose Scented Geraniums Inside This Winter

November 29, 2009
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It’s not really possible to grow roses indoors. I had a client that insisted on having a white tree rose indoors and even with bright light from a south-facing window, the rose was always stretched out and weak. Even worse, it was impossible to control the aphids, who loved the warm indoor air and lack […]

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Grow Aloe Indoors This Winter

October 27, 2009

Maybe you have an aloe plant that was happy growing on your balcony this summer and now you need to bring it inside, or perhaps you’re looking for a useful and beautiful plant to spend your gardening energy on during the winter months. Either way, aloes can be grown inside, so long as you provide […]

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Tillandsia The Perfect Indoor Plant for People With Modern Tastes or Black Thumbs

June 12, 2009

Those tacky little air plants glued onto magnets and stuck on refrigerators everywhere during the 1980s are making a comeback. And for good reason. They’re pretty, cheap, easy to care for, and don’t make a mess. What more could you ask for in a house plant? A couple months back I saw tillandsia used to […]

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Indoor Plant Combinations

May 15, 2009

I know that by May, everyone is itching to spend every second they can outside, but I promised my friend Kyle that I would post about indoor plants more often. Surely he isn’t the only one whose gardening is done entirely indoors? Photo by edgeplot Just because you’re potting up some plants for indoor life, […]

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Indoor Container Idea Featuring Foxtail Ferns

April 16, 2009

For a long time I avoided my namesake. I was teased mercilessly about my name while growing up. While I love it now (how much more fitting of a name could a garden blogger have?!), I spent most of my life hating the name ‘Fern.’ Hating the plant came along with hating the name. Afterall, […]

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Did You Know That You Can Get Your Forced Amaryllis to Bloom Again?

February 10, 2009

Did you receive an Amaryllis as a gift last year? Maybe you were really lucky and received a Cybister Amaryllis. You probably followed the instructions your bulb came with, and now it’s done blooming. Well, you can get it to bloom again if you follow these instructions. Here’s how: When the flowers fade, don’t let […]

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Make Your Own Aerogarden for $5

January 27, 2009

Always wanted one of those fancy shmancy AeroGarden to grow herbs indoors? That is, until you found out that they cost $80 and each seed pod module will set you back another $15. Yikes! You’d have to grow a lot of herbs to beat the grocery store price! But if you’re a crafty type, there’s […]

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Did You Know You Can Grow Jasmine Indoors?

December 11, 2008

You didn’t know that? Me neither. But Cindy over at Walk Down the Garden Path is having a fun series of posts, “12 Days of Gardening Gifts,” and day two is a hanging basket of jasmine meant to be grown indoors. Can you just imagine how amazing your house would smell with a blooming jasmine […]

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The Indestructible Indoor Plant

November 25, 2008

Okay, let me start off by saying that this plant is not indestructible. The title was meant to catch your attention, so I left out “nearly,” as in this plant is nearly indestructible. So what is this magnificint plant? Folks, let me introduce Zamioculcas zamiifolia. Don’t worry if you have no idea how to pronounce […]

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