Gardening in Full Sun

Earlier I posted about plants that can stand up to the wind and don’t mind getting only partial sun. In the comments section of that post, Yeye asked about full sun plants that are also wind tolerant. Ask, and ye shall receive! Check out the plants below that are tough enough to stand up to the wind and the sun.

Boltonia (False Aster)


A left coast native. Is actually benefitted by wind, as it helps prevent powdery mildew. Forms airy mounds that are covered in white, pink, or purple daisy-like flowers. Boltonia can get pretty large (3-4 feet tall and wide) so either plant it by istself, or with something that is pretty assertive in its own right.

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Buddleia, commonly known as ‘Butterfly Bush,’ is, as its name implies, a butterfly magnet. However, older varieties weren’t really suitable for container gardeners as the plants unmanageable and large. But recently a few dwarf varieties have popped up that are perfect for balconies and patios.

One such variety of Buddleia is called ‘Lo & Behold Blue Chip.’ It grows to be only 2-3 feet tall and wide and is hardy to zone 5. You can expect that it will be covered in flowers (that require no dead heading) and butterflies all season long. The cheapest I’ve found it for online was $17.95, so hopefully your local nursery will have better prices.

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