Carnival: Using Unusual Containers

by Fern on March 15, 2010

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A reader suggested the topic of using containers that are not pots, and it has turned out to be an excellent carnival topic! I really enjoyed reading these posts about using everything from shoes to clamshells. That last idea reminded me of a conch shell I have that was my grandmother’s. I think I’ll plant it with something that reminds me of her.

Kerry was an overachiever. She shared not one, but four ideas for usual containers. The egg-shell containers made me smile, but I think I will definitely be trying her idea to use large seashells.

Dominika also collected a slew of unusual container ideas for the carnival. I don’t know if I’ll ever lug a toilet up to my balcony, but the wheelbarrow and old wooden boat were charming.

Mary shared instructions on how she converted a metal teapot into a container for Cupid’s Dart, Purple Alyssum and Desert Bluebells. If things turn out like her illustration when the plants fill out, it will be a very pretty container design.

Abigail’s blog has my all-time favorite name, “The Lawrence Pothead.” I knew Abigail liked to repurpose old items for containers instead of buying new pots, so I was hoping she would participate in this carnival. I think you’ll find all of the recycled items she uses in her garden a frugal inspiration.

Far Out Flora, a great gardening blog written by two fellow art majors (I really think that background makes for great gardeners, if I do say so myself!) submitted a collection of their ideas for unusual containers. I really liked the Aeonium in a kitschy teacup and love, love, loved the radio flyer wagon.

Ashley submitted a truly Canadian idea for recycling trash into container gardening treasure. I won’t give it away, but she grew some beautiful zinnias in her recycled container. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be Canadian to do something similar.

Last, but definitely not least, Lorenka showed how sophisticated a reused container can be with her african violet perched in a dainty little Japanese green tea canister.

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