Review Policy

First and foremost, I will never promote a book or product I don’t personally love. Period. I place an extremely high value on my integrity. You can trust that when I say I love a book or use a tool that I do in fact love that book or use that tool. If someone wants to buy me off, it’s going to take a lot more than a freebie or two. Millions and millions of dollars more than a freebie. If you have millions and millions of dollars to spare and you’re selling a gardening related product or book, let’s talk.

I do occasionally receive books and products for free from the publisher or manufacturer. When I do, I will always state that I received the book or product as a review copy. Just because I receive a book or product for free does not mean I will write a positive review. There have been products that I have been offered the opportunity to review that I have passed on, and ones that I have reviewed that I didn’t like. I usually decide not to say anything about these products because I prefer to spend my time and energy writing about what I love, and not putting down something that someone out there has put their blood, sweat and tears into. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and all that.

I also receive a tiny commission (usually 4%) from any purchases you make after clicking on a link to a book or product on Amazon. I use the money I make through my Amazon affiliates account to defray the cost of running Life on the Balcony. I really appreciate your support of Life on the Balcony through clicking on those links. Every little bit helps!