A Tale of Two Nasturtiums

by Fern on July 4, 2010

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I sowed a lot of the ‘Spitfire’ Nasturtium as part of the GROW Project, so I have them all over the place. Most of my plants are sitting in 4 inch pots next to my garage door, but some of them are upstairs on my balcony. The ones downstairs get about 4 hours of late afternoon sun. The ones on the balcony get 8+ hours of mid day and afternoon sun. Which ones do you think are blooming and have nice dark green leaves?

You’d think that the balcony nasturtiums would be the healthy ones blooming like crazy, right? Well, you’re half right. The balcony nasturtiums have large, green leaves, but no flowers. Not even a flower bud in sight. The ones near the garage have small leaves that are kind of yellow, but they’ve bloomed several times now. Both groups of plants are in the exact same potting mix and are getting identical amounts of water, and no fertilizer.

My only guess as to the disparity is that the downstairs plants feel stressed by the smaller amount of sunlight and are hurrying to make flowers and set seeds. Your thoughts?

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I’m growing Nasturtium “Spitfire” for the GROW project. Thanks, to Renee’s Garden for the seeds.

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