A Little of This, A Little of That – 8/8

by Fern on August 8, 2010

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Container Gardening in the Blogosphere

Garden Q & A – Squash Flowers

A question I’ve gotten a couple of times in the past few weeks involve squash plants that seem to be producing a lot of flowers but no fruit. Rest assured that this is normal. Squash have both male and female flowers (as opposed to most flowers, that have both male and female parts in each flower). Squash produce male flowers first and then female flowers. It is not uncommon for the first few male flowers to show up before there are any female flowers to pollinate. Don’t worry if you see several flowers appear and then fall off, without any fruit. Eventually, female flowers will appear.

Container Gardening Ideas on Instructibles

  • Bottle Herb Garden – A creative way to grow vertically, using upcycled materials. Also, check out this post on the LOTB Facebook page. Readers shared ideas for how to tweak the setup to make it more attractive.
  • Bentwood Bird House – I love how modern this bird house looks, and while it seems like it would be pretty hard, the instructions don’t seem “out of reach.”
  • Easy, Cheap Plant Tags – Don’t throw out your spoon the next time you get takeout. Upcycle it into a reusable plant tag!
  • Planter from Pallets – I’m going to be trying this one. I’ve been rescuing pallets from my local grocery store’s trash bin. Stay tuned!
  • Drip Aid – This gardener repurposed an back-of-the-door shoe organizer into a vertical planter.
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