February 2011

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Hear ye, hear ye! Community Container Garden day is finally here! Without further ado, may I present the plants we will be growing this year: ‘Sunspot’ Sunflowers, ‘Purple Petra’ Basil, Garlic Chives, ‘Spacemaster’ Cucumber, and ‘Better Bush’ Tomato. And if growing plants from seed wasn’t cheap enough for you, I’ve arranged with aHa Modern Living to sell the Life on the Balcony Community Container Garden seeds to you at 10% off. Not just the seeds, but whatever you order from aHa Modern Living with this discount code: LOTBseeds.

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I’m Finished!!!

by Fern on February 22, 2011

in My Book

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I submitted my manuscript to my editor! Yay! There’s still a lot of work left to do on the book, at least two editors have to go over everything, and the designer has to lay everything out. The book won’t be done and out in bookstores until January or February of 2012. But the hardest part (for me anyway) is done. I am so glad to have that off my desk, and am looking forward to blogging a lot more with all my new found free time.

Be sure to check back tomorrow Thursday as the community container garden project will be officially launching. I’m working with a friend to sell the seeds needed at a discount, and I am putting the finishing touches on the message board. It should be a lot of fun. I hope you guys are as excited as I am!

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Fertilize Orchids Weakly, Weekly

February 17, 2011
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My first orchid memory is of taking care of my aunt’s orchids while she was on vacation. She had two greenhouse windows in her kitchen that were filled with tons of orchids. Of course, my aunt has a real way with plants, and orchids in particular. She told me recently that my Moth Orchid (Phalaenopsis) will be […]

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Community Container Garden

February 16, 2011
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I have an exciting project in mind, and I want to gauge your interest. I was thinking that we could have a virtual community garden, connecting balconies and patios all over the place. We would share our failures and successes, encourage each other, and generally have a lot of fun growing our own fruit, veg, […]

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Collaborative Design: From Parrots to Container Garden

February 11, 2011
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A couple of weeks ago I started with a crazy idea: what if LOTB readers worked together to design a balcony around an inspiration photo? That’s the inspiration photo above. Boy did you guys have some great ideas! It was hard to whittle them down to just those I included in the story board below, […]

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How To Do Anything, Or At Least These Five Things

February 3, 2011

How to Plan a Container Garden How to Create a Hanging Basket How to Understand a Seed Packet How to Create Garden Inspired Cupcakes How to Keep Your Cats From Eating Your Plants For more “how to” posts, check out the LOTB Twitter and Facebook page today, where I’ll be sharing 24 hours of DIY […]

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Grow Your Own Fresh Air!

February 1, 2011
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Here’s a teaser from my latest article on Fiskars.com: In the late 1980s, NASA set about studying how plants can help filter toxins out of the air and replace it with fresh, clean oxygen. More recently, Kamal Meattle gave a TED Conference talk on how to use those plants to clean the polluted air of […]

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